Easy to make Christmas Trees!

Today I made christmas trees out of hymnal pages. My mother and I wanted to add a little more decoration to our homemade centerpiece. I have seen pages in books or hymnals used to make flowers (which I am not good at making) but since it “tis the season” for Christmas trees I thought of a unique way to add a little rustic edge to the centerpiece. As I was creating the centerpiece I found that it would be a great project for preschoolers to use in the classroom. My materials are simple: paper and a toothpick. I simply cut out a christmas tree, folded it like an accordion, and poked it with the toothpick in each fold till it was threaded through completely. I poked the the tree into our centerpiece adding the special touch that it needed. Preschool children can use construction paper and poke holes with pencils for a more gross motor appropriate project.

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Here is a picture of the finished product!



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