Christmas is Magic

The Artist’s Eye

Christmas is a time when everywhere you look you see sparkling lights, beautiful colors of green, red, gold, or unique characters to hang on the tree. It is a creative and festive time of year where people, like myself, enjoy creating things from scratch. Anything from baking, homemade wreaths, to simply wrapping presents can make this time of year really special. Taking the time to wrap a present with a special bow or tag can say  to someone you care about, “Hey! I could of paid someone to do this or thrown it in a bag but I wanted to give you something special this year “. Now some people could care less how their present is wrapped or about Christmas at all. Those people are the Grinch’s of the world. They think people like myself are living in “Whoville” inside our minds but even Grinch had to admit Christmas can cause a warmness inside everyone’s heart. Artist’s during Christmas time can have an infinite amount of creativity. Have you ever wondered, why you don’t see the same ornaments in the store every year? Or when you go to your favorite to-go restaurant and the cups are always different from last year. Signs posted on store windows are just a little bit different then what they were the year before. Cooking shows always have a different recipe then from the previous year. Christmas time is a melting pot of creativity. Santa’s, Angel’s, Elves all can look 100 times different, not one looking the same. Although, Christmas always changes it is still one of the most beautiful times of the year.

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful”  Norman Vincent Peale



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