About Me

Hi. My name is Rachel Petrillo and I am an undergraduate student at the University of Alabama majoring in Early Childhood Education. My Favorite time of the year is Christmas. I decided to write this blog about the different and creative things a teacher can do in her classroom during that magical time of the year.

I will be interning next semester at the Children’s Program in Tuscaloosa, AL. I will be pursuing a career in Elementary Education and plan to volunteer abroad to teach children in need of an education. I also will be in graduate school next fall for my teaching certification.

My focus is on the five selves of child development when picking different Christmas activities. The physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and creative self build upon experiences through children’s natural environment. The physical self is developed in more manipulation and gross motor skills. The Cognitive self is developed by exploring new experiences. The Emotional self is learned through understanding what feelings are and helping the child express his/her feelings. The Social self is learned through developing social skills. The Creative self grows as children learn to express the world around them.