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Christmas is over :(

I am one of those strange people that like seeing Christmas decorations way after Christmas has passed. Although, Christmas is over and all the presents are unwrapped from underneath the tree I will still post Christmas ideas to use in a preschool classroom. The ideas can be used for next year when ole Saint Nick decides to come back around or updated into a current classroom theme. That is the neat thing about creativity it can change! If any of the readers out there have any suggestions on different ways to change Christmas crafts, songs, and recipes into something more relatable into the new year feel free to comment below.

Still want the kids to do fun crafts and treats check out this blog! Cute Kids and Preschool Christmas Crafts has some really neat ideas about how to keep children busy even though winter break is not over.

I’ll love it while it’s still here

My favorite thing about Christmas is looking at the Christmas lights. My strongest memories as a child are simply my family and I riding around town while looking at the different Christmas lights on people’s houses.

Having lights incorporated into the classroom decorations can help children be more engaged in Christmas themed activities, bring excitement while learning fundamentals, and can be a new culture experience for multicultural children.

a decorated christmas tree
My parents Christmas tree

I sure am going to miss this beautiful tree when it’s gone!