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Sing-A-Long Christmas Songs!

These classic Christmas songs not only have a catchy rhyme but have an engaging video for the children to sing along with.

My favorite is Rudolf the red nose reindeer. The cartoon is enjoyable to watch and the reindeer are just too cute!


Christmas Fingerplays!

Fingerplays can be a wonderful way to engage children during group time. During the holiday season using popular tunes and easy rhymes can help children learn finger plays faster. I enjoy this finger play.

Five little gingerbread lying on a tray,

One jumped up and ran away,

shouting “Catch me, catch me, catch me if you can…

I run really fast, I’m the gingerbread man!”

Continue counting down until there are none left

No more gingerbread lying on a tray.

They all jumped up and ran away!

This is a fun song to use with props.  A cookie sheet with felt or paper gingerbread men are a cute visual.  

10 fantastic fingerplays and songs for the holidays